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tra86: The Asembly Tracer Toolchain

Website Under Construction | ETA 05/25/2023

The following website provides documentation for my research on comparing performance metrics on RUST and C++, two of the most widely-used low-level programming languages. While the documentation process in this website assumes an understanding of and experience with low-level systems programming, the content has been designed in a way to appeal to anyone doing software development.

Low-level Insights

The most major reasoning behind doing this project is to provide a comparison of older vs. newer languages when it comes to low-level programming, i.e. Systems Design.

Scalibility, and Performance

Operating System Developments are an amalgation of years of work, thus judging performance metrics can give an insight on potential ROIs for rewriting these systems in completely new languages.

Hardware Agnostic

Tests conducted under this research process are on the compiler itself, and not dependent on hardware or platform. If x runs 5% better than y, it will run 5% faster on all hardware.